About Me

Hi there! I’m Kesong Cao, a passionate, curious, and diligent rising junior at UW-Madison, majoring in Computer Science and Economics. I love coding and solving problems in general, thus I am engaged in web/app development and undergraduate research. I am still exploring things and developing my research interests.

My overarching goals before senior year are to deliver high-quality work at my research & other project(s), enrich my (coding) skill sets, and land a summer research/industry internship for 2020. I am preparing myself for writing a senior thesis (or even two, if conditions permit, in CS & Econ) and apply for a PhD program in the US.

I am single 🙁

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我是个单身狗 🙁

Links & Contact Info 链接&联系方式

Showcases: LinkedIn / GitHub / Personal Website / …

Social Media: Twitter / Instagram / …

Affiliation: Austerweil Lab / DoIT / …

Email: kesong.cao@wisc.edu (variants: kcao22@wisc.edu, kesong@cs.wics.edu, cao@kesong.dev)

Mobile: +1(608)515-9878; +86 186-6209-6421

WeChat: cksteven

Location: Madison, WI, USA; Yancheng, Jiangsu, China

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