Winter Trip 2019-2020

I will travel back to China and visit home after this fall semester (Dec 2019 – Jan 2020)! This current stay in the US is my longest one (Jan – Dec 2019), for 11 whole months! Oh dear I miss food from home. Very excited to it!

Itinerary 行程

Madison -> Chicago12/20Early Morning Shuttle Bus
Chicago -> Los Angeles12/20-12/22AmTrak
LA Union Station -> LAX12/22Uber/Bus, be quick!
LAX -> Tokyo12/22-12/23ANA
Japan Trip12/23-12/26Watch Christmas Fireworks Show!
Tokyo -> PEK12/26ANA
Beijing -> Yancheng12/27CRH
Home, sweet home!12/27-12/29(?)
Yancheng -> Nanjing12/30(?)Train
Nanjing -> Beihai, Guangxi12/31(?)China Eastern (?)
Beihai Trip12/31(?)-1/2(?)Rent a car
Beihai, Guangxi -> Nanjing1/2(?) China Eastern (?)
Nanjing -> Yancheng1/2(?)Train
Home, again!1/3(?)-1/13
Yancheng -> Shanghai1/14Shuttle Bus
PVG -> Tokyo -> Hawaii1/14ANA A380
Hawaii Trip1/14-1/18
Hawaii -> Seattle -> ORD1/18Delta
Chicago -> Madison1/18Shuttle Bus

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